Hillary Clinton Endorses Joe Biden, Says The Coronavirus Would Be A 'Terrible Crisis To Waste'

Hillary Clinton Endorses Joe Biden, Says The Coronavirus Would Be A 'Terrible Crisis To Waste'
Credit: Source: Twitter

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton declared her support for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden . And, during their joint appearance at the Impact of Covid-19 On Women Town Hall, Clinton and Biden discussed President Donald Trump’s handling of the American response to the novel coronavirus. During the discussion, Clinton made it clear that the pandemic would be a “terrible crisis to waste.”

While endorsing Biden and discussing the response to Covid-19, Clinton took the opportunity to push for government-run universal healthcare. She said that the fear people have about not being able to afford health care has added to the existing anxiety surrounding the pandemic.

“It is against our moral values. Every religious value that I’m aware of, and yet you’re 100% right that this administration, this white house, as we speak are still trying to strip the Affordable Care Act,” said Clinton.

The former Secretary of State claimed that President Trump is on the record during a trip to Davos in the Swiss Alps saying that it was “time to go after social security and Medicare,” and Clinton says this proves we are facing a high stakes election in the middle of a pandemic.

Clinton says that every form of healthcare should continue to be available - including reproductive healthcare for every woman in America - and then later it needs to be part of a “much larger system” that will quickly get us to universal healthcare.

Clinton noted that the only thing she could add to everything Biden is saying about Trump’s handling of the pandemic and the healthcare situation is “amen,” and she added that they also need to enlist people because “this would be a terrible crisis to waste.”

The former First Lady says that we have learned a lot about America’s frailties when it comes to health justice and economic justice, so she urged people to be resolved so that we will solve those problems once Joe Biden is elected president.

After Biden and Clinton’s appearance together, Twitter lit up with a theory that Biden will choose Clinton as his running mate for the 2020 election. The theory posits that Clinton on the ticket would help Biden’s poll numbers and increase his chances of defeating President Trump.

The other names that have been circulating as possible Biden running mates include Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer.


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