Hillary Clinton Denies Lesbian Rumors While On The Howard Stern Show - 'I Actually Like Men'

Hillary Clinton Denies Lesbian Rumors While On The Howard Stern Show - 'I Actually Like Men'
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Hillary Clinton has long faced rumors regarding her sexuality, despite her relationship with Bill Clinton. In the legendary host's new book, Howard explained he never tried harder in his life to get someone on his show than Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In his book, the star explained it might've been possible for Hillary to beat Donald Trump had she appeared on his show. Howard insinuated he would've been able to present a more relaxed and likable aspect of Hillary.

According to Howard, the reason she never showed up to his show was that she was afraid and "got tight." The host believed Hillary thought she had the election in the bag and had she showed up to the show, she might've blown it.

However, in Howard's view, the true gamble was not coming on to his Sirius XM Radio show. A little over three years later, and Howard finally got Hillary Clinton on the program. The star appeared on The Howard Stern Show to promote the book she wrote with her daughter, Chelsea, The Book Of Gutsy Women .

After explaining to Hillary Clinton that he would've avoided talking about Monica Lewinsky, Howard said to the former presidential candidate that Bill Clinton was "like a Greek God" when he was a much younger man. He added, "he was very attractive."

Clinton joked in response that despite all of the rumors out there, she "actually likes men." Howard went on to ask Hillary if she had ever slept with another woman, and Clinton said in response, "never, never, never!"

Additionally, the pair spoke about the fact Bernie Sanders didn't endorse her right away following her nomination. Clinton admitted it hurt her feelings to see that Bernie refused to back her.

Later in the interview, Stern asked her if she would ever try and stay out of the limelight following a lifetime of publicity. Clinton explained that she would never do that because it would only make her enemies much happier.

Hillary went on to say that perhaps the worst part of her defeat by Donald Trump was the fact he wasn't a "normal Republican." She asked what was going to happen next?

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