Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Lopez on stage together in a female power demonstration

Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Lopez on stage together in a female power demonstration
Source: Closer Weekly

There is not much time until the presidential elections and Hillary Clinton tried to attract more voters by joining none other than Jennifer Lopez on stage Saturday night.

“We just heard Jennifer perform ‘Let’s Get Loud.’ Well, I say, ‘Let’s Get Loud’ at the voting booth. You can vote early. Don’t wait another day to vote, ” said the presidential candidate.

Her message at J-Lo’s concert was obviously enough feminism and diversity and took no less than a few minutes. It was impactful enough though considering it took place at the end of the concert.

“We are at a crossroads where we have to get it right for the future. We have the perfect person to take us there,” Lopez said referring to Clinton.

Jennifer Lopez made sure the purpose of the collaboration between the two was seen and so the diva wore an outfit in the colors of the American flag. She also used clips of Hillary talking about her accomplishments as the first major woman nominee for presidency as well as of other iconic female historical figures between songs.

Jennifer Lopez has been supporting Hillary Clinton ever since 2015 when she endorsed the politician and shared how ‘excited’ she was to elect the first American female president.

“This election is one of the most important in our lifetime,” said Lopez, who is of Puerto Rican descent, in a press release before the concert. “Florida, home to one of my favorite cities, Miami, and millions of Latinos is a pivotal state in this election. It’s time to unify, support, and vote for the only choice that makes sense not only for Women or for Latinos, but for all Americans. Vote for Hillary. I’m with her.”

Clinton’s interactions with celebrities started way back and she has been using their star power in order to appeal to the younger generation of voters.


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