Hilary Duff Watches The Lizzie McGuire Movie With Her Kids And It's Super Cute!

Hilary Duff Watches The Lizzie McGuire Movie With Her Kids And It's Super Cute!
Credit: source: glamour.com

Hilary Duff is very proud of her early years in the industry and so, watching her iconic projects with her young ones is something she was excited to do! That being said, the actress had a little family viewing of The Lizzie McGuire movie and it looks like everyone was very entertained!

The film, which premiered back in 2003 is forever part of the childhoods of many who grew up watching it and now, even though they were not around at the time like the rest of us, Duff’s two kids, Luca Cruz Comrie and Banks Violet Blair get to watch it as well!

Her boyfriend, Matthew Koma, took to social media to share an IG Story that showed the actress and the young ones on the couch, spending a wonderful Sunday watching their mom’s movie.

Alongside the video, the singer, who is also the baby girl’s dad, wrote: ‘Family viewing of Lizzie McGuire Movie.’

Speaking of little Banks, Hilary can be seen caring for her and she even cutely laughs as the camera pans to her.

As for her older brother, the boy looks completely hooked as he watches the opening scene attentively.

It’s the perfect time for the actress to show her offspring her movie since Lizzie McGuire is set to make a comeback in a sequel series on Disney+ and they just have to know what it’s all about before tuning in, right?

The highly anticipated series is going to be all about Lizzie at the age of 30 as she lives in New York City and tries to navigate the millennial life.

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