Hilaria Baldwin's New Baby Theories — It's A Hoax

Hilaria Baldwin's New Baby Theories — It's A Hoax
Credit: Source: Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Hilaria Baldwin shared a photo of herself with a newborn baby alongside her six-month-old son Eduardo and now outlets are reporting she and Alec Baldwin had another child. Not everyone believes the baby is Alec's and Hilaria's and there are theories on social media offering an explanation for the photo. Some think Hilaria used a surrogate, some are wondering if they adopted the baby, and then there are some who think the baby was born premature. But there is another theory floating around that is a bit more complicated — it's a hoax. This theory has a bit of a complicated reason behind it and it stems from Hilaria's Spanish heritage scandal.

People magazine says a source confirmed the news that Hilaria and Alec had another baby six months following Eduardo's birth but at this point, neither Hilaria or Alec have actually said they had another child.

Hilaria simply captioned the photo with the number 7 and credited Alec Baldwin as the photographer.

Some think Hilaria is addressing her Spanish heritage scandal by trying to prove a point.

Here is the photo that Hilaria Baldwin shared.

When people accused Hilaria of faking her Spanish heritage and called her a liar for different statements, she defended herself by saying that the media took liberty with her past. She denied every explicitly saying she was Spanish and blamed media misconception for starting rumors.

Is Hilaria trying to prove her point?

Some think Hilaria posted the photo with the number 7 so that media would run with the story and report that she had another baby, even though she didn't.

As per usual, when it comes to Hilaria Baldwin and the media, no one seems to know what the facts are.

What do you think? Do you believe that Hilaria Baldwin had another baby six months after giving birth to Eduardo? Do you think she used a surrogate or adopted a child or do you think this is a hoax?


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