High School Records Allegedly Reveal That Rasheeda Frost Is Actually 44-Years-Old -- Kirk's Ex-Girlfriend Clears Up Adoption Rumors

High School Records Allegedly Reveal That Rasheeda Frost Is Actually 44-Years-Old -- Kirk's Ex-Girlfriend Clears Up Adoption Rumors
Credit: Source: Jamine Brand

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost's relationship has come under fire after fans reignite rumors that she married her husband at 17-years-old. A blog has revealed that the Love and Hip Hop star has merely been lying about her age.

After a few tweets went viral that Kirk groomed Rasheeda by adopting her at 15 and marrying her at 17 -- the two took to social media to shut the speculation down once and for all.

They told the 'conspiracy theorists' to worry about their stimulus checks and not about their marriage.

This whole thing is an issue because the Love and Hip Ho star is supposed to be turning 38 in May when she recently celebrated her 20th anniversary to Kirk -- which would make her age 17 at the time they took their vows.

However, Gossip Of The City (the blog that has broken many stories) has pulled out the receipts. It stated that her maiden name is Rasheeda Buckner and she graduated with the class of 1994 at North Clayton High School.

By calculations, this would make her 44-years-old.

The blog went on to spill more tea from a source who alleged that they were Kirk's ex-girlfriend.

The woman claims that she was dating Kirk, who was friends with her brother, first.

She went on to reveal that she was friends with Rasheeda who started dating Kirk later. She added that Kirk did not adopt Rasheeda but the rapper was always around him because her mother moved away.

Rasheeda Class Record

This all comes after fans started comparing Frost to R. Kelly.

The couple has gone through enough scandal already.

From multiple breakups and makeups to a baby outside of his marriage -- the Frosts are determined to make it work.

It's not uncommon for people in the industry to lie about their age. Viewers are still questioning how old Karlie Redd is.

What do you think about this latest development?


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  • Lovely Dee
    Lovely Dee Apr 17, 2020 11:31 AM PDT

    I think they make a great couple and it doesn't matter how old she

    • Lovely Dee
      Lovely Dee Apr 17, 2020 11:33 AM PDT

      Leave my girl and her man alone . Power couple ❤️

      • Rhonda
        Rhonda Apr 17, 2020 2:57 PM PDT

        So rkelly and Aliyah was a power couple 2 u

  • Kathy Bailey Vaughn
    Kathy Bailey Vaughn Apr 18, 2020 10:37 AM PDT

    Stay out of people Business like Rasheeda. Who cares how old she is. She still is a , Beautiful woman a strong woman and that's what make people jealous cause they can't leave the woman alone. Kirk too he's no Rkelly.

  • Ub6ib9
    Ub6ib9 Apr 17, 2020 2:30 PM PDT

    Who cares how old she is she still fine #AF stop hating

  • Kechia
    Kechia Apr 16, 2020 6:01 PM PDT

    Who cares at this point. Them people doing good sht let them live. Sht enough is enough.. I don't know either of them personally just what THEY ALLOW US TO 👀... It's there life there biz. We're just here for the entertainment let's watch and enjoy. My husband 7 yrs older than me .. He damn who adopted me and groomed me. And guess what? ? NOW I'M A BEAUTIFUL FLOWER AND I LOVE HIM TO DEATH. SO TO RASHEEDA AND KIRK... DO DAT SHT...A

    • Sheila Louise Bryant
      Sheila Louise Bryant Apr 17, 2020 10:22 PM PDT

      Well said sweetie fo'show mind your own BUSINESS!!💯👌❗❗❗❗PLEASE!

  • Tylynn
    Tylynn Apr 17, 2020 2:35 PM PDT

    I knew Rasheeda was in her 40s. I think ppl just like making Kirk look bad. He doesn't need any help with that y'all. He's made amends with her. Let them live their life.

  • Samya bozeman
    Samya bozeman Apr 17, 2020 8:50 AM PDT

    Mi chris brown lod now 30l I love you chris brown 🙏🙏😷😀😀😀😆😆😁😢

  • Cheryl Williams
    Cheryl Williams Apr 17, 2020 10:05 AM PDT

    These are so cute

  • Reese
    Reese Apr 18, 2020 4:49 AM PDT

    If they want people to mind their business then they should get off tv and keep their BUSINESS to themselves. They chose and continue to choose a check season after season. Make weak clapbacks when somebody got something to say about what they went on tv to air. Its not about the age gap its about the ages not making since according to Rasheeda info. It ain't hate it's somebody lying or can't add correctly. But keep rooting for the couple who have gotten paid by their husband embarrassing and disrespecting them season after season. Not hating not single not bitter... carry on

  • Shadreese Wilkerson
    Shadreese Wilkerson Apr 18, 2020 3:57 AM PDT

    In response to the person above who said who cares about this? I completely agree nobody cares about her real age. People should care about they're nasty comments about people that's the truth. They want people to care about them in the comments that are being made about them. How about their comments towards every single person out there relating to the stimulus checks while people are dying from a pandemic out here. They just attacked everybody , they didn't just attack some people they attacked everybody out there. Don't put yourself out there in the light in on a show if you want people to mind their own business. So for the people commenting on here saying mind your own business LOL, maybe then the frost family needs to take themselves off of this Love and hip Hop show. They are asking for it right? I mean they are getting paid to be on a show. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Btw, my previous comment had a lot of spelling errors in it because I was using voice to text to type so some of it did not make sense. So, that's what I have to say for the people who want to comment on spelling, or jumbled sentences and so forth just in case they are reading that.

  • Shadreese Wilkerson
    Shadreese Wilkerson Apr 18, 2020 3:48 AM PDT

    Is this a joke lol? Did this person say well said to mind your own business lol? Have ppl forgotten this couple CHOSE 2 put themselves on tv In the public eye. They welcomed it so they can't crab about it now and then later be ratchet and say pay attention to getting your stimulus checks. I've always liked Rasheeda but dang their personal comments are spitting on every bit of society on here right now facing the pandemic. for them to say something like that during a time like this and so many families I dealing with the death of a family member, it just goes to show their true colors and how sick they are. Yet on here I see that rasheeda face a death of somebody close to her and everybody is supposed to care? Good people care and that is the truth. But good people don't talk about families needing to pay attention to receiving their stimulus checks, using the words as a comeback because people I'm talking about the couple since they themselves put their selves in the public eye. It's been clear for some time this couple is ratchet. I mean this woman having no self respect. And she allows her husband to insult her for how long now and stop all over her and she just add and threatens to leave for how long and always ends up back with him chalking it up to saying that it's love and that they're doing it for family LOL? Yeah ok!!!!! Everybody knows that's when you have a messed-up relationship with children around, it's only more devastating for the children to grow up in an environment like that rather than separating I am beginning a new life better in yourselves showing your children what it's like to rise above that and to become better individuals in to find something that is real. It's better to show your children that you have self-respect in the show them what it's like to respect yourself. And the only reason I am going on and on saying stuff like this is because it's pretty sickening for some celebrities to sit there and make comments relating to this pandemic which is killing so many people out there. They use that the strike back out against the public and half of the time some of these bad comments people are making about the frost family, the comments were only being made from a certain percentage of people. so when they make the comment that they made about the stimulus checks they were attacking everybody. Heaven forbid their family ever really faced something beyond a family lost and they ever had to struggle with the loss of jobs or anything like that. Heaven forbid they ever had to struggle financially like so many people are struggling today while they're dealing with sicknesses and or deaths in their families And friendsduring this pandemic. And ppl are supposed to feel bad for Rasheeda, feel bad for this couple? Lol! How about this, clap for the marriage is out there that are long lasting when you have couples actually respect each other and show true Love. Not couples that claimed that there is true love just because they continue on with relationships well they do nothing but stuff all over each other, hurt one another, cheat on each other , have children by other people in or nothing but unfaithful and trashy!!!!

  • J. Matthews
    J. Matthews Apr 17, 2020 5:20 PM PDT

    OMG, why is this an issue,this is their marraige the good, bad, and indifferent......they have to deal with any issue that comes up in THEIR MARRAIGE. #MindYourOwnBusiness

  • Jackie
    Jackie Apr 17, 2020 10:26 AM PDT

    And she still looks like a 30 yo so what the hell... Wear that age like a badge of honor sis

  • Marci Mendez
    Marci Mendez Apr 17, 2020 8:58 AM PDT

    Why are people so worried about her age and personal business?

    • Rhonda
      Rhonda Apr 17, 2020 2:59 PM PDT

      Same reason we were worried about Rkelly

  • Keosha Carey
    Keosha Carey Apr 17, 2020 2:01 AM PDT

    People just need to mind their own business.This is the main reason why folks can't get ahead and level up in their lives. They're too damn concerned with other people personal business. Who cares if she did marry at 17? It's her life. Not only that but even in the old days, men were much older than their wives and it's pretty obvious that she is a boss type of woman who is well taken care of from what we have 👀. My husband is 17 years my senior and I don't give a f what people say. I got married at 28 and my man was 45. We love one another dearly and both of us know and feel that this is the best relationship we've ever been in. To all the haters out there, get on a bitch level and wave and stop being so bitter. Much love and respect to Kirk and Rasheeda and any other couple who has to hear bs from bitter, unestablished fools!

  • MsKeepzitreal
    MsKeepzitreal Apr 17, 2020 10:49 AM PDT

    I think it's BS why at the party a chic was heard saying she was 17 when Kirk use to come to her HS picking her up and only reason he got some play was because he has a fly az car🤔 I truly believe that R Kelly move

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