‘He’s Hurting Me!’ Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriend Charged With Battery After Hitting Fan

‘He’s Hurting Me!’ Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriend Charged With Battery After Hitting Fan
Source: eonline.com

It looks like Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend’s baby mama problems are the least of her concerns! According to new reports, the man has a violent past as he was even charged with battery back in 2014!

A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department report details the events that led to the basketball player to get accused of assault on October 19, 2014.

Apparently, the incident took place at TAO Nightclub.

The police report reads that Daniel Schuman – the victim - did nothing more but take a picture of the hotspot’s crowd.

But when Griffin noticed the camera’s flash, he reached over the velvet rope, trying to grab the man’s phone.

‘Griffith squeezed hard until Schuman let go of the phone. Griffin then placed his left hand around the side of Schuman’s neck and squeezed hard until Schuman let go of the phone.’

Apparently, he even threatened the victim to get him to let go of the phone.

After he finally did, Griffin started going through it and then grabbed his neck again, telling him to leave the hot spot.

When a security guard of the club arrived at the scene, Griffin moved his grip from Schuman’s neck to his arm.

As the security was taking the man outside, Griffin still wouldn’t let go of his arm.

‘Schuman started, ‘He is hurting me.' Griffith then let go of Schuman’s arm and stated, ‘Get the f**k out of the club.’ Then Griffin slapped Schuman on the right side of the face with an open hand,’ the report goes on.

The victim finally filed a report after 14 hours.

The reason why he didn’t go to the police earlier was that he was ‘scared.’

At the time, no visible marks of violence could be found on Schuman’s body.

The case ended up being dismissed.

As fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians certainly know, Kendall Jenner and Griffin were linked romantically for the first time earlier this month.


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