Here's Why T.I. Adores Tiny's New Red Hair

Here's Why T.I. Adores Tiny's New Red Hair

Tiny Harris is looking hot these days from her amazing body to her fiery short hair. Check out the details on how her new do is totally turning on her estranged husband T.I.

Tiny is looking great and T.I. can't get enough of this. She ditched her long braided extensions, for a shoulder-length fire engine red bob and it looks amazing.

The new hairdo is so fresh and sassy just like she is and T.I. loves it.

'Tiny’s new red hair is only adding to his excitement. He feels like he’s got a new wild woman to go home to and he can’t wait. He thinks she’s beautiful no matter what her hair looks like, but this short red hair might be his favorite of all time. He can see that it’s given her a new swag and that turns him on,' a family insider stated.

Tiny has been making herself over ever since Tip has accepted her divorce papers back in April.

She has been doing an intense workout with a hunky trainer, and she regularly shares videos of her on Instagram.

Tiny's banging new body is something that the rapper can’t get enough of.

'T.I. is so hot for Tiny right now. They have been through a hell of a year, but the silver lining to almost losing her is that it’s made him appreciate her again. Tip’s always loved Tiny’s curvy body, but now that she’s been working out so hard she loves her body again too, and that is the biggest turn on for him,' the source added.

The two of them haven't withdrawn the divorce papers yet, and it seems like it is only a matter of time before they get back together.

They have been getting along great these days while co-parenting their kids and the fantastic new Tiny is quite a turn on for Tip.

She even sends him twerking videos that are driving him mad. His rumored fling, Bernice Burgos, is also posting videos of herself twerking on social media. But neither Tip nor Tiny seem to want to be with anyone else right now, and they can't seem to quit each other.

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