Here's Why Michelle Williams Refuses To Watch Her Own Movies

Here's Why Michelle Williams Refuses To Watch Her Own Movies
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These days, it's not uncommon for actors and actresses not to watch their own movies. For instance, Johnny Depp revealed he didn't watch his own films either, preferring instead to just wrap them up and never turn them on ever again.

The reasoning behind this choice, for the most part, is that it's easy to become one's own worst critic, and rather than spoiling their positive experience of taking on a challenging role, sometimes it's better to leave it as it is - in the past.

Michelle Williams is another actress who does the same. As fans of Williams know, she already has an extremely successful career. The 38-year-old first came to prominence in Hollywood as the star of Dawson's Creek in the late 1990s.

Moreover, she has received multiple Oscar nominations for acclaimed productions such as Brokeback Mountain, Blue Valentine, My Week With Marilyn, and Manchester By The Sea. 

During a new interview with Stephen Colbert on his show, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the star admitted she "loves her career" and what she does. As to why she doesn't watch the movies, she claims it "takes her outside of the experience," and her relationship with that isn't healthy.

"It makes me timid," the actress stated, claiming that she doesn't like the idea of looking back on her past work because she's afraid she'll be too self-critical. Michelle is in the middle of promoting her latest project, her role in Fosse/Verdon , where she plays as the dancer, Gwen Verdon.

Not only has Williams been recognized for her contributions to film and television, but she has also been hailed for complaining about being paid less than Mark Wahlberg for the re-shooting of All The Money In The World from 2017.

The cast and crew had to reshoot certain parts of the movie due to the inclusion of Christopher Plummer in the place of Kevin Spacey, who was outed as a sexual predator amid the #MeToo cascade of 2017 and 2018.

Michelle offered to reshoot her scenes in the movie for free, whereas Mark Wahlberg asked for a million dollars to redo it. Despite the fact it was Michelle's decision to do it for free, she later came to regret the fact her generosity was supposedly taken advantage of. While many praised Williams for her decision, others claimed it was her choice to do it for free, so she couldn't complain.

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