Here's Why Kendra Wilkinson Doesn't Care What Anyone Thinks

Here's Why Kendra Wilkinson Doesn't Care What Anyone Thinks
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Kendra Wilkinson doesn't really care what any of the anonymous commenters have to say about her personal life. The former Playboy model went on Twitter recently to talk about the trolls on her social media, all of the curious busybodies out there who can't help themselves but talk trash.

For further background, the 32-year-old reality star and her former NFL-playing husband, Hank Baskett, separated back on the 6th of April but announced it officially shortly after.

Sources close to the ex-model stated it was a good decision for Kendra, who's been in great spirits ever since, but some of her fans criticized the way her choices might've affected their young children.

In response, Wilkinson said, "today will be the last day I give a f*ck about anyone's opinion." Hank responded to the tweet too. He 'liked' it.

Earlier in the day, Kendra defended her parenting skills which people criticized. The reality star said she has worked extremely hard to raise a family as well as foster a successful career, something which takes a lot of effort, time management, and intelligence.

Wilkinson noted that fans only see a fraction of what her life is really like, her social media doesn't show all of her hard work and the struggles she's been through.

The judgments she faces from random trolls are without merit, and without reason because they often don't know what they're talking about.

As it was mentioned at the beginning of the article, Kendra and Hank split up and officially filed for divorce on the 6th of April, Friday. They wrote in the documents that irreconcilable differences were the reason for their relationship's demise.

Kendra also updated her fans on Instagram and said she and him would have to break up, despite once believing in forever-after. "Too much fear has gotten in the way," the former Playboy model said.

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