Here’s Why Javi Marroquin Refuses To Meet Kailyn Lowry’s New Man

Here’s Why Javi Marroquin Refuses To Meet Kailyn Lowry’s New Man

Despite being on quite good terms with the Teen Mom star’s first baby daddy, Jo Rivera, Javi Marroquin doesn’t plan on having Chris Lopez in his life as well. We have learned that Kailyn Lowry tried to get him to meet Lopez once, but Javi thinks there is no reason for him to have a relationship with Lopez, so he refused.

‘He doesn’t do anything for my son to provide for him. He does not take care of him so to me there is no reason to,’ Javi explained.

However, the reality TV star did admit that he might change his mind in the future.

If Chris Lopez becomes more actively present in his son and Lowry’s lives, then maybe he’ll consider meeting him.

Javi went on to state that while he is pretty sure son Lincoln sees Chris relatively often and is aware of who he is, Lopez doesn’t provide for him or anything so Javi wouldn’t say that he plays an active role in the boy’s life.

As for whether or not he met Baby Lo, Marroquin revealed that he did see him but is yet to hold him.

In May of 2016, Kailyn Lowry announced her divorce from Javi during his Air Force deployment.

Controversially enough, one of the main reasons for their split was that Lowry did not want to have any more kids.

In February however, her pregnancy news surfaced, and in August, she gave birth to her third son.

Despite the bad blood between the two baby daddies, Javi revealed that his relationship with Kailyn has been a lot better lately.

He also claims that they spend a lot of time together and even go out to dinners when they feel like it.


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