Here's Why Iggy Azalea Is Sure She Is A Better Match For Tyga Than Kylie!

Here's Why Iggy Azalea Is Sure She Is A Better Match For Tyga Than Kylie!
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Is this the newest hip-hop power couple? We have learned that Iggy Azalea is not only willing to get romantically involved with Tyga but apparently, she believes they’d have a super ‘strong’ relationship that would totally make him forget all about his ex!

After the two rappers were spotted at Coachella holding hands and having fun all night at an after-party, a lot of fans started shipping them.

But is Tyga still thinking about his ex Kylie Jenner?

One insider has told us that despite the fact that he might always have a spot for the makeup mogul in his heart, Iggy doesn’t mind at all.

‘Iggy is not at all jealous of Jenner. Ever since they broke up, it’s been very difficult for Tyga to get over her. But as far as Iggy’s concerned, she sees herself as the only woman who’s been able to take his mind off Kylie — and that’s been a feat in itself because he really loved and missed Kylie. Iggy’s put herself out there for Tyga to make him want her more and make him see there are other women for him,’ the source shared.

In addition, it seems like the reason she is so sure they would make a great couple is that they are both in the music industry.

Because of the fact that they are musicians, she can ‘engage Tyga in better conversations about a lot of different things,’ than Kylie.

As a result, she’s been bringing her A-game by being ‘super flirtatious.’

The insider also noted that they are also closer in age so there is ‘a much better connection.’

All in all, if ‘Tyga wants to get more personal with her, Iggy is definitely open to that and she would love to see where their relationship can go.’

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