Here's Why Chris Brown Is Staying In Paris After Being Released From Jail

Here's Why Chris Brown Is Staying In Paris After Being Released From Jail

Following the allegations against Chris Brown, the singer/songwriter has chosen to stay in Paris, after his release by the police on charges of rape and drug use. The singer is staying in the French city to film a music video. According to the Associated Press, the singer was released on Tuesday evening with no charges pressed against him.

According to the publication, Brown's accuser was a 24-year-old woman whose name wasn't released to the public. The woman claimed that Chris, his bodyguard, and his friend sexually assaulted her in the early morning of the 16th of January.

Reportedly, the woman partied with Chris, his friends, and his crew at the Crystal Lounge in Paris' 8th arrondissement on the 15th of January. Afterward, she and her friends joined Chris and his entourage at the Mandarin Oriental.

In the interview done with the French Magazine, Closer, the anonymous complainant claimed the singer's bodyguard took everyone's phones and she and fifteen other women had a cocaine-party together in his suite.

It was normal to her for them to do that, due to the fact he's famous. According to her, she was going to the bathroom when Chris pulled her into the dressing room and raped her in a "brutally violent" manner.

After Brown let her out of the room, one of his friends told her he would let her have his cell phone from the bodyguard. But instead, he dragged her into the room and assaulted her and then the bodyguard did the same thing after he left.

Just a few days later, she went to the police with the story. Later on, Chris denied all of the allegations outright, saying the whole thing was false and a "lot of cr*p."

Almost two years after the #MeToo movement began, more and more stars have been accused of assault and rape. Recently, R. Kelly suffered the wrath of the media, public, and the entertainment industry after the release of the Surviving R. Kelly documentary. Thus far, there haven't been any new charges laid against R. Kelly.

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