Here's Why Ariana Grande Reportedly Cut Her Hair Before 2019

Here's Why Ariana Grande Reportedly Cut Her Hair Before 2019
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It looks like there's a bit more to Ariana Grande's haircut than a simple breakup. Shorter hair usually means some sort of a rite of passage for individuals who have a broken heart, but for this particular singer, it seems that there's more to this change.

Hollywood Life found more details from one of its sources close to Ariana.

'Ariana needed to change some things up, and changing her hairstyle is her saying that she wants things to be a clean slate moving into 2019,' the insider said right after Ariana showed off her new look.

The source continued and said 'She needs to hit the reset button because she has gone through a lot of heartaches and she just needs to start working on herself and making herself the best she can be.'

After having to deal with a lot of life-changing events, it looks like her new hairstyle is 'all about new beginnings and change and she is excited to see what the future holds for her.'

The insider continued and explained that she has become more mature since Mac's death and her breakup with Pete.

Ariana became a strong woman, and she felt that a physical change was needed in order to show that she is changing inside in a positive way.

Her latest song called 'Thank U, Next' is all about her offering her gratitude towards her ex-boyfriends and she's also singing about looking forward to a relationship with her own self.

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  • Matt
    Matt Nov 17, 2018 5:09 AM PST

    Why do people take what Hollywood Life says seriously? Their track record of telling the truth could be much better.

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