Here's Why Anna Faris Is Considering "Leaving The Country" After The Release Of Her Memoir

Here's Why Anna Faris Is Considering "Leaving The Country" After The Release Of Her Memoir

Anna Faris is about to release her tell-all memoir. The actress has a book coming out called, Unqualified, and on her podcast of the same name, she talked about her concern of its release.

Anna said she feels "really nervous," because of the intimate subject matter.

Faris - who recently split from actor Chris Pratt - said she is "excited," she landed the book deal and felt it was the sign of an impending adventure.

However, now, she is a little nervous about the release of her private life.

Her trial into the world of literature has been described as "part memoir, part humorous, and unflinching advice," when it comes to relationships and "finding love."

As CI readers know, Chris Pratt - her now estranged ex-husband - wrote the foreword for the book.

The co-host on the podcast claimed she couldn't believe how revealing Anna was in the writing.

According to Anna, she was just a quiet child with headgear (which means she wore braces at one point) and is now a famous actress in L.A.

The transition proved to be exhausting at times, and she felt she was never "really in her own skin."

Faris is so apprehensive about the release of her memoir she even considered leaving the country (although we think she's just joking).

She claimed, "please know, I am so scared. I feel like leaving the country for a while."

The star of House Bunny shares a child with Chris, 5-year-old son Jack Pratt.

But after the unraveling of their marriage, it looks like they'll have to begin co-parenting.

According to the actress from the Scary Movie franchise, they tried to make it work, but they just couldn't reconcile. At least we have a juicy book to read that will hopefully answer our questions regarding their breakup!

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