Here's Who Halle Berry Is Crushing On These Days - It's Not Trey Songz

Here's Who Halle Berry Is Crushing On These Days - It's Not Trey Songz
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Everyone wants Halle Berry to find the love of her life. The beautiful black actress has been linked with all kinds of men in the past, including David Justice, Eric Benet, Gabriel Aubry, and Olivier Martinez.

The struggle is real. To land a significant other to ride life until the end is no small feat.

To be in the eye of the paparazzi all of the time doesn't make things easier either!

With that being said, if our reports are true, the Oscar winner might be seeing a much younger man.

According to the publication, RadarOnline, Halle is all up in her feelings for the British Hip-Hop producer named, Alex Da Kid (Alexander Grant).

Alexander who?

That's what we thought.

However, according to his Instagram, the 35-year-old is a producer who has worked with Eminem, Dr. Dre, as well as Rihanna.

An insider said the pair was snuggled up together for hours at Il Cielo in Beverly Hills.

A source said to RadarOnline, "she's smitten with him."

"But friends know Halle makes such poor choices in men! He’s the quintessential bad boy. She’s bound to get hurt — again!”

We don't know who the source is, but he hardly seems like a bad boy.

In fact, if the speculation is correct, he's a successful producer, so clearly he has a lot of great talent to offer!

As for some details regarding the man, he attended post-secondary education at the University of West London where he got a master's degree in audio technology. He's been producing music for ten years and was chosen by Billboard for "Top 40 Under 40." That's not a bad rap sheet for a 35-year-old "bad boy!"

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