Here's Where Lil Wayne Went After He Was Released From The Hospital

Here's Where Lil Wayne Went After He Was Released From The Hospital

Lil Wayne - the Young Money rapper - was ordered by his doctors to take a rest after his hospitalization for seizures , but getting some quality time to himself seems like it is the last thing on his mind. Just one day after the 34-year-old was released from the hospital, the mentor of Drake and Nicki Minaj was hanging out in the studio with Damian Lillard.

He was seen with hip hop producer Scott Storch just one hour later.

Lil Wayne's disregard for his medical professional's advice isn't a surprise to anybody who knows the legendary artist.

Wayne is known for his inexorable work-ethic so much so that many in the hip-hop community have cited him as their inspiration to work hard.

His manager, Cortez Bryant, said in an interview with TMZ recently that his only addiction is to work.

2 Chainz, most notably, has spoken publicly regarding Wayne's influence on rap and the music business in general.

The Pretty Girls Like Trap Music artist previously talked to Kyle Kramer from Noisey, and the rapper discussed in detail the impact of Lil Wayne's career.

In the interview, he stated, "Wayne is a reason that a lot of these people even probably rap or have fans." According to him, even fashion trends as simple as face tattoos were created by Lil Wayne.

He said, "Wayne been tattooing his face for, what, 20 years now? I remember when people were looking at him like he was crazy."

2 Chainz remarked it doesn't even seem normal for a rapper to go without face tattoos now. He added it's his sense of rebelliousness that people find so inspiring.


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