Here's What To Expect On The Final Season of Scandal

Here's What To Expect On The Final Season of Scandal

All things must come to an end. Unfortunately, one of those things is meeting its end quite soon. The popular political drama Scandal is premiering its final season later this month.

A show that catapulted star Kerry Washington into the lime light, made the name Olivia Pope synonymous with wine and a no nonsense attitude and helped to further cement Shonda Rhimes as a visionary of prime-time storytelling.

Scandal has had its fair share of twists and turns during its six season run. The stars promise that those will only be amplified during the final season.

Tony Goldwyn, who plays former President Fitzgerald Grant and Pope's on and off again beau, provided some clues in a new interview with Esquire.

The fact that there's a female president when the show returns is a huge political shakeup that audiences will surely enjoy seeing constructed and explored.

Goldwyn says that one of the main purposes of this final season was to really shake things up and for creator, Rhimes, to try things she hasn't done before on the show. To go places that have been uncharted in many ways on network television.

“That's something that we're really doing. With every script, there's something really fresh and groundbreaking that's happening. We're super excited about it. Right now we're [filming] our fourth episode and it's really great.” Goldwyn revealed during his interview.

He also went on to say that he feels so thankful and blessed that the Scandal crew gets to end the journey of the show on their terms.

Instead of the network choosing to not renew the show for whatever reason down the line, Rhimes made the active decision that she would write the season to a close, knowing exactly what she wanted to do and how to finish the series off strong.

While Rhimes is still tied to Grey's Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder , which will continue to air on ABC, she's making a transition to Netflix for her future projects.

Rhimes has signed a major, multi million dollar deal that will give her the power to create many different shows for the streaming site.

Shondaland lives on, just in another form.


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