Here's What Sarah Hyland Thinks Of Her Character's Pregnancy On "Modern Family"

Here's What Sarah Hyland Thinks Of Her Character's Pregnancy On "Modern Family"
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Sarah Hyland from Modern Family is having a lot of fun with her character's pregnancy. In an Instagram post on Thursday, one day after the episode on Wednesday night, the 27-year-old actress who plays Haley Dunphy on ABC joked about a picture of herself on the social media platform.

In a photo which you can see below, Sarah rocks a fake baby lump while on set. And in the caption, she referenced her character's life. "Well, I guess the cat's outta the bag!" the star quipped.

In Wednesday's episode, Haley discovered she was with child while in the hospital for a bumper car injury. On the 'Gram, Sarah spoke with fans about the storyline of which she has known for the last few months.

The star said online that she knew about the plotline even before the newest season started, but she had "zero information on details." In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter back in October, the star dished on the big surprise.

The star said it was a "bigger thing than the death," and it was certainly a shock to her. Interestingly, this character development is a lot different than Sarah's situation in real life.

On the 25th of June, Sarah said she had to slowly gain more weight back because she was almost 75 pounds at one point - extremely underweight. The star said she was very proud of herself for backing back to the way she once was.

Hyland said she had to stop filming The Wedding Year after she became very sick. Unfortunately, she was away from her work for a few months and was upset about it.

On Instagram, Hyland said to her fans that health should always be the number one priority. Furthermore, in 2012, she also had a kidney transplant, and fans know Sarah for being quite candid about all of the issues she faces in her life.

Sarah's co-stars, Ariel Winter, and Sofia Vergara, always have her back, however. The three women star on  Modern Family -  one of the most popular shows on television in the modern era.

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