Here's What Robert De Niro Had To Say About Donald Trump - Again

Here's What Robert De Niro Had To Say About Donald Trump - Again
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According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Robert De Niro sat down with the host from The Late Show again and talked smack about Trump for the umpteenth time. While discussing the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, Robert took a few jabs at the president.

De Niro, who has three big movies coming out this year, loves to take shots at the president, including on the 30th of March during his appearance on Saturday Night Live . The star took the stage to portray Mr. Robert Mueller, the investigator in charge of looking into possible - but later disproved - Trump/Russia collusion.

Robert said he felt as though it was his "civic duty" to make fun of Trump as well as the Mueller investigation. You can check out the video below to see De Niro explain his obligation.

As followers of the actor have likely noted, De Niro has rarely shied at the opportunity to castigate the president, including public events, award ceremonies, TV performances, and appearances, as well as during in-text interviews.

One evening, De Niro referred to the president as the "lowlife-in-chief," and Trump retorted that De Niro was a "very low IQ individual." Stephen Colbert asked why he couldn't give the president a chance, and Robert said that he did at first, but was quickly proven wrong.

Moving past the president, De Niro also joked about his collaboration with Martin Scorsese, as the two have a big movie coming out this year, The Irishman.

Robert joked that if he had to interview Martin at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, it would be easy because he could just ask a few questions, hand him the mic, and then come back 15-20 minutes later.

When asked why people love gangster movies so much, De Niro once again took the chance to make fun of Trump, referring to him as a "wannabe gangster" as well as a "dumbbell."

While coastal elites and late-show audiences loved his jokes, some on social media were a little less impressed, with one in particular writing, "is this guy obsessed with Trump?"

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