Here's What MMG Label-Head Rick Ross Had To Say About Meek Mill's Prison Sentence

Here's What MMG Label-Head Rick Ross Had To Say About Meek Mill's Prison Sentence

All hip-hop is standing behind Meek Mill after the rapper was sentenced to two to four years in federal-state prison over previous probation violations.

After the devastating news, MMG label-head Rick Ross posted a message on Instagram on November 7, showing all his support for the rapper and condemning an 'unjust system' for holding Meek back.

He posted a portrait of Meek donning a black suit.


'Tests are not for the faint at heart,' Rick Ross penned in the photo caption. 'Every time an obstacle crosses his path, he fights his way through and comes out triumphant.'

Rick continued by pointing out Meek’s long battle with the justice system, which dates all the way back to 2009.

Back then, the rapper was initially given probation relating to a drug and gun charge.

'I've watched him 1st hand fight this unjust system for close to a decade,' he added.

'But my dawg is a warrior! You know the family is already holding you down during this time of the test. Here’s to the future! It will be BRIGHT!'

Meek was sentenced to prison due to prior arrests.

According to The Guardian, even if both charges were dropped, the judge handling the sentence ruled that the artist had several chances to clean up his act following the 2009 case and that he failed to do so.

Rick’s comments follow the ones of some other rappers who spoke against Meek’s incarceration. T.I., YG, and more rappers tweeted their support for Meek. Jay-Z also posted a statement on Facebook, and he declared that the judge’s sentence to be 'unjust and heavy-handed.'

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