Here's What Chris Pratt Thinks About Losing "Sexiest Chris" To Mr. Hemsworth

Here's What Chris Pratt Thinks About Losing "Sexiest Chris" To Mr. Hemsworth
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Just last year, People Magazine voted Idris Elba the Sexiest Man Alive, however, within the issue and not on the front page was a fierce battle between Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt, among which the former beat out the latter in a "who's the sexier Chris" competition.

The magazine was between Pratt and Hemsworth, but unfortunately for Pratt, he actually lost that battle to the husband and formerly long-time boyfriend of Miley Cyrus. During his appearence on The Ellen DeGeneres Show , Chris dished on what it was like to suffer such a defeat at the hands of another Chris.

While speaking with Ellen, the actor joked to her, "It was just an honor to be nominated, you know?" While side-stepping the question, Chris took the opportunity to praise his fellow Chris, describing Hemsworth as "gorgeous." "I mean look at him," the actor remarked.

When the actor pointed that out, a shirtless image of Pratt flashed on the screen. "I don't have....that's sexy," Pratt stated. He went on to joke that his abs have quite a bit more "airbrush" than that.

Putting that aside, Mr. Pratt's career is on fire this year, including taking the top spot in four big movies as well as recently getting engaged with Katherine Schwarzenegger. Rumor has it that the wedding planning is starting sooner than initially expected.

A source who spoke with E! News explained that Chris is eager to give his soon-to-be-wife the best day she can possibly have. But it will be quite traditional, however.

Formerly, Chris was actually married to - and had kids with her as well - Anna Faris. Although, they called it off and rumor has it for a messy reason: professional jealousy.

In the last few years, Pratt's career had blown while Anna's had all but fizzled out. Following their split, Anna released a memoir in which she talked about their marriage at length. Ironically, the introduction was written by Chris himself. Putting all of the past drama aside, it's good to hear Pratt and Hemsworth are both doing well.

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