Here's What Andre 3000 Alleged Thought About Big Boi's Superbowl Performance This Year

Here's What Andre 3000 Alleged Thought About Big Boi's Superbowl Performance This Year
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At the beginning of the year, rapper Travis Scott, Big Boi, and Maroon 5 stirred significant controversy when it was revealed they would all co-headline at the Superbowl following the Colin Kaepernick controversy that stormed the United States last year.

Owners of the NFL apparently approached many black stars and celebrities to perform but they all declined as a way of signaling their support of Colin Kaepernick after he allegedly was "blackballed" from the NFL.

There's no question that Maroon 5, Big Boi, and Travis Scott decided to donate money to several charitable organizations as a way of avoiding further backlash for their performance.

According to a report from, Big Boi announced today that he'd be donating at least $100,000 from himself and the football organization. It was revealed earlier that Big Boi would be giving money to the Martin Luther King Junior Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta.

According to a report from TMZ, the donation falls in line with other funds secured in Atlanta philanthropic organizations. Maroon 5 also donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and Travis Scott did to Van Jones Dream Corporation.

As it was previously reported, Travis and the NFL agreed to pay $500,000 following his conversation with Colin Kaepernick, but apparently, Travis didn't donate money simply because of Kaepernick.

At the beginning of 2019, Travis, Adam, and Big Boi all took considerable heat for performing at the Superbowl. Nick Cannon was just one celebrity who strongly criticized Travis Scott for performing there, also adding that it was wrong of him to have a child with Kylie Jenner because she's a white woman.

This was months before Nick got a part-time gig hosting the Wendy Williams Show. Putting that all aside, It's great news Big Boi managed to find an organization to donate to.

As for how Andre 3000 feels about the whole thing, sources claimed that Andre was fine with Big Boi performing there because he's a grown man and can do what he wants.

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