Here's The Reason For Which Scott Disick Ditched Sofia Richie For Thanksgiving

Here's The Reason For Which Scott Disick Ditched Sofia Richie For Thanksgiving

As you already know, Scott Disick did not spend Thanksgiving with his GF Sofia Richie. Instead, he spent it with his baby mama, Kourtney Kardashian, and their kids .

But now, the latest reports claim that the reasoning for his action claim that the reason for which he didn't see Sofia was not that it is something wrong with their relationship like some rumors were claiming.

He just wanted to spend the holiday with his kids, and it seems that this was the most convenient way to do it.

A source close to Scott, spilled the tea for Hollywood Life:

'Kris [Jenner] hosted Thanksgiving at her new place in Palm Springs this year and Scott wanted to be a part of it, so he kind of had to spend the night.'

The same insider continued and said that 'Scott did feel bad for not being with Sofia for Thanksgiving, but ultimately he wanted to be with his kids. It was so important to them that their daddy be there and they’re still his priority.'

The source also said that Sofia is really close to her family and Scott knew very well that she would be surrounded by them for Thanksgiving, so it's not like as he left her all alone.

The insider said that Scott also promised to make it up to her soon, and he'll take her on vacation shortly, so things could not be better between these two.

The rumors that something is wrong in their relationship couldn't be further from the truth.


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