Here's The Real Reason For Woody Allen's Destroyed Movie Deal With Amazon

Here's The Real Reason For Woody Allen's Destroyed Movie Deal With Amazon
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According to a report from The Associated Press, there is more to the story involving Woody Allen and his canceled film deal with the book-seller-turned-movie studio, Amazon.

A lawyer for Amazon claimed on Friday that Woody breached his contract with them by making deleterious comments regarding the #MeToo movement. Robert Klieger, the lawyer working on behalf of Amazon, said to Denise Cote, the US District Judge, that Allen had made "insensitive" remarks regarding the #MeToo movement.

The hearing, initially, had been halted by Allen's lawsuit which asked for approximately $68,000,000 in damages for the prematurely terminated movie deal. The lawsuit accused the studio of breaching the contract by never releasing his completed film, A Rainy Day In New York.

John Quinn, Mr. Allen's attorney, said in a court of law that the real reason for their termination of the contract was due to the allegations against him which have continuously resurfaced over the course of his career, and not his statements regarding #MeToo.

Previously, Quinn said in a court of law that the allegations against Mr. Allen are decades old, and have bubbled up from time to time due to Dylan Farrow. Moreover, Amazon had already known about the allegations when they first signed the deal with Allen to produce four different films.

As it was formerly reported, Dylan Farrow accused Allen of sexual abuse related to an incident when she was 7-years-old in 1992. In an interview last year, Farrow discussed the allegations against Woody once again.

Quinn claims Amazon has merely changed their explanation as to why they chose to terminate the deal. As for what Mr. Allen actually said, according to The Associated Press, Allen asked for the #MeToo movement to not turn into a witch hunt.

Spokespersons for Amazon claim Woody had made the promotion of his movies with them challenging due to his controversial comments, which further added to his ostracization in Hollywood. Reportedly, some actors and actresses refuse to work with him because of the decades-old accusations.

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