Here's The Real Reason For Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale's Breakup

Here's The Real Reason For Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale's Breakup
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According to a report from Page Six, Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale split up for a relatively surprising reason. Despite prior reports claiming that the age gap played a crucial role in their romance's demise, it turns out Kate had a problem with one integral aspect of Pete's career and public persona.

Page Six and Entertainment Tonight both reported that the 25-year-old comic and the 45-year-old actress decided to call off their romance because things were going too fast. However, there are other reasons as well as claims Page Six.

The outlet stated Kate Beckinsale isn't fond of the way that Pete continuously makes reference to his lifestyle and romantic life while on the set of Saturday Night Live. As fans of the comedian know, his jokes are frequently self-deprecating and in reference to his romantic life.

Following his engagement with Ariana Grande, the SNL alum joked about how he needed a roommate after she broke up with him, and he had to move out of his and her apartment together in New York City. Ariana had purchased a $20,000,000+ place in the city.

Moreover, Pete has continuously joked about the fact he lives with his mother, although, the other side of the story is he actually paid for a significant portion of her million-dollar house.

The insider said that despite the fact Kate has been in the public's eye for a long time, she hasn't gotten used to always being talked about in the media. It was a weird experience for, as she previously claimed in another interview as well.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, the Underworld alum said she was honestly surprised to see just how much the public had reacted to her romance with the comedian. The star told the LA Times she didn't think they would ever take such an interest, however, she was clearly mistaken.

Furthermore, the way in which people have blown up her Instagram page played a big role in why she deleted it as well. It was simply too much to bear.

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