Here's The Medicine Rick Ross Has To Help Kanye West Through His Struggles

Here's The Medicine Rick Ross Has To Help Kanye West Through His Struggles
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Kanye West has stirred up a lot of controversy since the summer months, following his embracement of Donald Trump and his administration, his album, Ye , the speech on Saturday Night Live , and his luncheon with the president at the Oval Office.

Recently, Kanye backtracked on all of his political statements over the past few months, and said on Twitter that he was being used as a way to "spread messages I don't believe in."

The rapper also said that he would "distance" himself from his previous political agenda as well as his alliance with the president, Donald Trump. Kanye said he would be going back to his creative ventures instead.

Rick Ross, however, unlike some of his contemporaries, is ready to welcome Kanye back to his old ways. But there's one thing he had to get off of his chest: the fact Kanye praised McDonald's, rather than the company Rick has a part in, Wingstop.

Rick revealed that he didn't have Kanye's back in the support of Mickey D's. According to Rick, Kanye is struggling a lot, but the thing to help him out the most would be those "lemon pepper wings." You can check out the tweet below to see it for yourself:

Ross said the wings would "gone get chu rite."

Kanye hasn't responded to Rick's suggestion yet, but maybe he'll come out later to do - yet another - total about-face on his tastes and passionate opinions.

West's retreat back into privacy has been insulted by some, who have suggested the rapper is merely a contrarian opportunist, ready to say the most contentious things for the sake of getting his name in the headlines.

One person wrote online, "Kanye has been supporting Trump now for the past two years, and now suddenly, he's backtracking on all of that, just overnight? Just like that?"

Some of Kanye's friends in the entertainment business aren't pleased about his recent opinions either, including fellow rapper, TI, as well as Charlamagne Tha God from The Breakfast Club.

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