Here’s How Sofia Vergara Celebrated Son Manolo's 26Th Birthday

Here’s How Sofia Vergara Celebrated Son Manolo's 26Th Birthday

Sofia Vergara’s son Manolo is now 26 years old, and the proud mother couldn’t help but share the happy birthday pics on her social media. Alongside a photo of the young man posing with his B-Day cake, Vergara wrote: ‘Happy bday hijo [son]!! @manologonzalezvergara ❤️❤️?? @taola.’

In addition, Manolo also posted an entire slideshow on his Instagram, in the caption of which he wrote a message more or less dedicated to his mother, showing his gratitude for giving him life.

‘It’s been 26 years since I escaped my mother's womb. And I only have these amazing people and beautiful people who care about me to show for it. #OfficialMemberOfAARP #ImOldAsFuck #WakingUpzhurts Gracias Ma por la mejor cena de mi vida!’

It looks like indeed, Sofia Vergara did everything she could to make Manolo’s birthday bash the best one out there.

Alongside close friends and other family members, the mother and son had a delicious celebratory dinner at TAO's private sky box.

Vergara’s hubby Joe Manganiello however, was not in attendance as he was reportedly out of town at the time.

Still, the birthday party guests continued with the celebration at Avenue Los Angeles.

As fans may be aware already, Vergara and her husband have been working together on a film project called Stano, in New York and we are excited to watch the final result.

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