Here's How Much Selena Gomez Is Making For Her Puma Collaboration

Here's How Much Selena Gomez Is Making For Her Puma Collaboration

Selena Gomez just made a big announcement. The singer just revealed she would appear in the brand's new campaign for women called Phenom. She wrote on her Instagram Monday, "Officially a part of the fam @puma #pumapartner."

In a press release about the new partnership, Gomez said she was stoked to be a part of the team. She claimed that "Puma has changed the game" regarding the current style that is a combination of athletic wear and fashion.

Gomez said it was incredible to see the way this innovation has embedded itself in style and culture; she is "very excited" to be a part of it.

According to the 25-year-old singer - who recently finished a kidney transplant surgery - they already have several projects in the works.

When it comes to the cash, Selena is reportedly raking in over $30 million for the deal, which is expected to go on for about two years - so roughly $15 million a year.

This news comes not long after The Weeknd designed shoes for Puma. Gomez and The Weeknd are currently apart, as the R & B singer is on tour and Gomez is filming a movie with Woody Allen in New York City.

While the couple fraternizes whenever they have a chance, they allegedly do not live together, as they both have their own separate place in Los Angeles.

Even though they don't share houses, Selena, and The Weeknd share clothes. She claimed, "I mean, at this point, my boyfriend and I share closets, and we're just throwing different ideas around." As for Selena's recent surgery, a source claimed that Gomez and her friend who gave her the kidneys are doing fine. Gomez's mother said she was happy that her body didn't reject the organ.

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