Here's How Cardi B And Offset Celebrated Thanksgiving

Here's How Cardi B And Offset Celebrated Thanksgiving
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Offset and Cardi B have already had a better Thanksgiving this year than expected, notably, because of the fact they originally wanted to get a divorce just a few months ago. Thankfully, that's no longer going to happen and the couple is now back together.

Nevertheless, Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a series of social media posts from the pair of rappers this week in which it was clear that they have been enjoying their holidays thus far. Reportedly, one post, in particular, showed Offset hanging out with his bandmate, Quavo.

Moreover, the outlet claims Cardi B, Offset, and the rest of their friends and family were dancing together and looking like they had a great time. Quavo wrote in the caption of one video, "oh, that's what u doin' downstairs!"

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the group danced along to the song, "EL JUIDERO" with loud stomps and all. More importantly, fans noticed how Cardi B was showing Offset the proper way to dance along to the popular Dominican track.

As it was just mentioned earlier, Cardi B and Offset's marriage was in peril earlier this year when it was reported that they were heading for divorce . It's not clear why they were going to split up, but they quickly called their split off not long after Cardi B had rescinded her request for child and spousal support.

Just a few weeks later, and the couple found themselves in the headlines once again when they got into a confrontation with the police and Trump supporters.

Offset posted a video on his Instagram in which he was being interrogated by the police over allegations that someone in the vehicle had been waving a gun at demonstrators. Offset was apprehended by the police but was never arrested.

Cardi B's cousin, however, the one that supposedly brandished a gun at the protestors, was arrested and charged with a crime. Cardi B wasn't charged with anything like Offset either. This came shortly before the 2020 election occurred between Biden and Trump.

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