Here's Beyonce $80 Secret For Her Flawless Legs She Flaunted At Coachella

Here's Beyonce $80 Secret For Her Flawless Legs She Flaunted At Coachella

Beyonce treated her Coachella fans the right way. She had a 200+ person marching band, she showed off four custom Balmain outfits, there was also an appearance from Jay-Z, a dance-off with her sister, Solange Knowles and there was also the epic Destiny's Child reunion.

Let's not forget about Bey's flawless body that she flaunted on stage n front of all her fans.

Bey's makeup artist, Sir John, told Refinery29 that 'her covetable glow isn’t just because she went vegan…he has a secret $80 weapon! 'I found this new body makeup called AllEven, it's a spray makeup, but it will not move.'

'You can have white sheets and sleep, and it won't transfer. I use it on her boobs, arms, and legs. We had four changes, so we wanted something transfer-resistant,' he continued.

If you're wondering how is it possible for Bey to look like she's been aging backwards, here's your answer:

'She wanted to look young, fresh, and like she wasn't trying too hard,' Sit John added.

'I was really inspired by the dress rehearsal, I didn't want to take her out of the element of the show by making her too girly or too minimal or sleek, I wanted her to look like a college girl on campus. Remember the movie School Days by Spike Lee? That was my inspiration.'

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