Here Is Why Kenya Moore Was Not Open To Reconciling With Nene Leakes In Greece

Here Is Why Kenya Moore Was Not Open To Reconciling With Nene Leakes In Greece
Credit: Source: Reality Blurb

Last night's Real Housewives of Atlanta took fans by surprise in more than one way. In addition to seeing the aftermath of the Black Man's Lab event, viewers saw Nene Leakes reach out an olive branch to Kenya Moore.

Unfortunately, Kenya wasn't ready to rehash all of the drama between her and the Broadway star. The mother of one explained on the RHOA after show that she was in a vulnerable place since she had just opened up about her divorce news and didn't want to talk to Nene at the time -- but was open to it later.

'I didn't want to open those can of worms. And then us debating who's right and who's wrong. 'Well you said this to me' 'Well you didn't.' Like, going back to the petty reasons why she believes she's right in the situation. I could see steps and steps and steps of us just going down a black hole. And it being bad. And I was just like let's just leave it here being positive. We'll speak another time. This is just not the right time. And I think that was reasonable because I didn't want to make it be about me and Nene -- not on the first night.'

Leakes took the multiple snubs from Kenya as a big 'F U' and went to her room. The reason Nene took this so personally was due to the fact that she had reached out to Moore via text message and even took the time to show up to Marc Daly's event.

This snub is going to escalate into a huge fight between the rivals that will bring drama for episodes to come. Judging by the words that they have for each other in the press, the reunion will be shadier than any other.

Do you think Kenya should have just accepted Nene's olive branch?


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