Here Is Where Demi Lovato And Mike Johnson Went Wrong: 'She Just Wasn't Into Him'

Here Is Where Demi Lovato And Mike Johnson Went Wrong: 'She Just Wasn't Into Him'
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Demi Lovato has found a new lover in Instagram model Austin Wilson. But the last thing that the public has heard about her love life was that she was dating a Bachelorette alum -- so what happened?

Well, as charming as Mike Johnson was, he let the fame get to his head. The moment that he bragged about how good of a kisser Demi Lovato was -- the pop star saw him differently.

A source close to the situation explained: 'Demi has no hard feelings towards Mike. They did go on a few dates and made out but that's as far as it got. The podcast interview turned her off a bit because she wants to be the one to make details about her love life public -- not the other way around.'

Even if Johnson didn't make the personal comment public , they probably still wouldn't be together.

The insider went on to say: 'Mike was nice enough but they didn't really click. He was moving pretty fast and Demi wasn't on the same track. She just wasn't into him like she thought she'd be.'

This comes after the 26-year-old introduced her new beau on Instagram.

The comments were full of people who judged Austin by his tattoed appearance.

One follower wrote: 'Doesn’t look like she’ll be on a clean path for long hanging around this guy.'

A Bachelor Nation fan wrote: 'Ohhh talking about downgrades... Demi no'


'NO! GOD! NO! GOD PLEASE NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOO!' a fan simply put.

There were a few who came to her defense.

'Some of y'alls parents never taught you manners and it really shows.... he's also sober so maybe stop making assumptions based on his looks. Let the girl live her life and be happy,' one woman wrote.

A friend wrote: 'To love and be loved, so happy for you and Austin, D!!!'

What do you think about Demi's new romance?

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