Here Is The Letter Serena Williams Wrote For Her Mother

Here Is The Letter Serena Williams Wrote For Her Mother

Serena Williams has finally realized what it's like to be a mother. Serena - who just gave birth to her first daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian - wrote a long letter to her mom on the importance of motherhood and the capacity of women to be strong and empowered

In the short-form essay published in the Washington Post, she wrote, "(Serena's mom) you are one of the strongest women I know," and as the letter went on, the tennis player described the physical similarity between her and her daughter.

The athlete explained that her young girl has her fortitude, muscular figure, and "sensational arms" and physique.

During the emotional thought piece, Serena recanted the times she was compared to a man because of her stature and accusations against her involving alleged drug use.

Back in 2016, a "Russian hack" revealed that Serena and her sister Venus had allegedly been using illegal performance-enhancing drugs, according to the Business Insider.

Williams wrote that she couldn't understand how her mother could endure all of the people throughout her life who questioned her "power as a black woman."

It went on, "we are curvy, strong, muscular, tall, small, just to name a few, and all the same: we are women and proud!"

"Thank you for being the role model I needed" for Serena to go through all of the difficult times she endured. According to the tennis player, God isn't finished with her! As for how Alexis and his fiancée are doing, sources close to the pair incessantly gush over his capacity as a father and a supporter of all things Serena. They're excited to have a family together.

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