Here Are The Winners of 2016 American Music Awards

Here Are The Winners of 2016 American Music Awards
Source: E!

And here are your 2016 American Music Awards winners!

Ariana Grande was named as the AMA's Artist of The Year at the grand event on Sunday night, while Zayn Malik  and  Drake got their very first single AMA awards.

During the event, Drake had 13 nominations, which he won for several hip-hop songs in various categories while his first album gained one billion sales on Apple Music.

Pop vocalist Ariana Grande  defeated  Selena Gomez, Rihanna and  Justin Bieber . "I cannot think of anything I have to say, because I'm nervous," she stated. "I hope that I could bring more pleasure to all of you, and I promise to improve a bit more in my upcoming albums."

Former One Direction member  Zayn Malik has released his own solo album. He has defeated Canadian Shawn Mendes to take The New Artist award. "It's been an insane year for me, and I didn't expect that I have a lot of votes," stated Zayn.

Drake AMA

Bieber launched "Never Give Up" through satellite from his Italy performance. He also won honors in various categories as a pop musician. John Legend, James Bay, Niall Hora, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar and  Lady Gaga  were among entertainers for their fellow celebrities and the fans at the event.

Selena Gomez , making her first public appearance after a long hiatus, was named the best female rock/pop musician. The 24-year-old US singer revealed that she was taking some time off from her job in August to manage stress and anxiety due to her lupus condition.

Prince 's Purple Rain was named as AMA's Soundtrack of the Year, before his death at the age of 57. His sister  Tyka  represented Purple Rain and received the award on his behalf, which she said would help maintaining Prince's Paisley Park estate property.

Twenty One Pilots  gained honors in popular pop/rock duos. The Chainsmokers  captured an award for their Solid Closer of the Year, defeating  Calvin Harris and Major Lazer in this category.


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