Henry Cavill Defends His Relationship With Natalie Viscuso After A Wave Of Hate From Fans

Henry Cavill Defends His Relationship With Natalie Viscuso After A Wave Of Hate From Fans
Credit: Source: bpositive.com

Lately, many have been dragging Henry Cavill 's romance with girlfriend Natalie Viscuso to the point that the actor who is usually rather quiet about his love life, decided to address the situation in a new post on social media. It sounds like the man could no longer keep quiet seeing what some of his fans were saying about his hot relationship with Natalie.

Cavill made it very clear that he'd rather them stopped speculating about his personal life, especially in such a negative way.

That being said, alongside a pic that featured him and his girlfriend, the actor wrote: 'I could not help but notice that there's been some social animosity as of late. It is becoming increasingly prevalent on my feed. There's been lots of speculation about my private life and my professional partnerships. Now, while I appreciate the passion and support by those people who are 'speculating,' it's come to such a point where I need to say something, which in itself, is a bad thing.'

He went on to directly address those who 'are expressing disdain and showing displeasure through a surprising variety of ways. It has to stop. Your 'passion' is misplaced, and causes harm to people I care about the most. Even your most conservative negative assumptions about my personal and professional life just are not true.'

He concluded his lengthy caption by encouraging his fans to move on from this and accept that he is very happy and in love.

This comes after Henry and Natalie made their relationship Instagram official on April 10.

It didn't take long for people to send both of them hate and he actor was obviously bothered by it.

After all, this is not even the first time this happens.


Back in 2017, he revealed that 'As soon as I get into a new relationship, [there] is a slew of hate, directed at me and the girl, saying I have changed. I have not changed a bit. But you have to take it all in stride.'


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