Help James Woods Find Missing Dog Splinter, Lost In California's Camp Fire

Help James Woods Find Missing Dog Splinter, Lost In California's Camp Fire
Credit: Source: James Rodriguez/Twitter

If you've followed James Woods' Twitter account since the Camp Fire broke out on November 8, 2018, you may know who Splinter is. As soon as the fires broke out, James Woods ceased tweeting about Tucker Carlson and the Antifa protesters who showed up in his front yard and began tweeting about the Camp Fire.

Immediately sharing evacuation routes, alternative 911 phone numbers, and sending information for his followers to retweet there was one tweet that not only captured his heart but the hearts of his followers as well: the desperate pleas of a man searching for his dog.

The adorable dog's name is Splinter and one week later, Splinter's owner, James Rodriguez is still holding out hope that Splinter will have a happy ending, he's not alone.

Woods shared that he saw the man searching for the dog and retweeted the information. His followers followed suit and began using the hashtag #Splinter.

Rodriguez hasn't ceased tweeting about Splinter and regularly shares updates, information where Splinter was last seen and pictures inc heartbreaking photo of Splinter from last Halloween wearing his dinosaur costume.

You may see photos of Splinter as well as the original tweets and the latest updates in the Twitter moment below.

Many lost and displaced pets are still waiting to be reunited with their owners. The Chico Airport became a shelter for found animals and the Humane Society of Ventura County is just one of the many organizations working around-the-clock to help, save, and comfort terrified animals.

As the focus of the California wildfires has shifted to keep up with new blazes, one thing has remained the same: the need to protect human and animal life.

James Rodriguez shared an update on his Twitter Thursday afternoon. Sadly, Splinter is still missing.

"Yes he's my boy. I have checked all the shelters with no luck so far. But I'm not giving up hope."

Rodriguez isn't alone. He isn't the only one still holding out for a happy ending and a joyous reunion with Splinter.

The desperate pet owner has gone so far as to watch news videos in hopes of seeing a glimpse of Splinter.

Those missing pets from all of the California wildfires may use the PawPrints database and enter your pets' information.

Are you hoping Rodriguez reunites with Splinter?


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