Help James Woods Find Missing And Displaced People Due To The California Wildfires

Help James Woods Find Missing And Displaced People Due To The California Wildfires
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Golden Globe winner and two-time Oscar-nominated actor James Woods is using his Twitter account to help find missing and displaced people impacted by the California wildfires. The death toll has risen to 23 and authorities announced Sunday the missing is over 200 people. Woods has created two hashtags that are used to separate those affected by the Northern California fires such as the Camp Fire and the Southern California fires Hill and Woolsey. The hashtags are #CampFireJamesWoods and #SoCalFiresJamesWoods. By retweeting the hashtags you can help James Woods find the lost.

Woods was one of the first to begin tweeting about the Camp Fire. The fire broke out on Thursday, November 8, 2018, and Woods immediately contacted people fleeing the fires on his official Twitter account.

Soon, messages flooded his account from people who were looking for their loved ones. Since Thursday, there have been many happy endings thanks to the use of Woods' hashtags. People who quickly left Paradise, California were sheltered in other areas and due to communication issues were unable to speak to concerned family members.

Over the weekend, many people who had sent messages of help to Woods announced they had made contact with their missing loved ones. These messages also used Woods' hashtags.

Unfortunately, not everyone has been reunited.

You may browse James Woods' tweets under the hashtags: #missing #SoCalFiresJamesWoods and #CampFireJamesWoods in the Twitter moment below.

Several people have asked why James Woods chose to add his name to the hashtags. He spoke about this in one of his tweets and explained that it wasn't for self-promotion but so that his 2 million followers wouldn't clutter up feeds used by officials perusing main hashtags.

James Woods explained the use of the tags as soon as he began using his Twitter as a platform. On Thursday, November 8, 2018, he tweeted the following.

"FYI: it is highly likely that cell towers are out. If you do find missing loved ones that we have posted on the #CampFireJamesWoods thread, please let me know, so firefighters monitoring these tweets will use resources for searching for those still missing. Thank you."

Helping James Woods search for the missing is easy. As he retweets the messages sent to him via the hashtags, all his followers have to do is retweet them using the same hashtags. This has allowed one tweet for a missing person to be sent out to countless people.

You don't have to be one of James Woods' followers either. Simply by using the hashtags, you can make a difference.

Are you going to help James Woods find the missing?


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