Heidi Montag Says She Was "Nothing But A Great Friend" To Lauren Conrad

Heidi Montag Says She Was "Nothing But A Great Friend" To Lauren Conrad
Source: Eonline.com

Heidi Montag is sick of the drama. The actress/model wants a clean slate when it comes to her dealings with former co-star, Lauren Conrad, ten years after the demise of their friendship. If you're a fan of The Hills, you'll remember the moment, "you know what you did!" during the season three premiere.

The rumor started when Lauren blamed Heidi for spreading a rumor that she had made a sex tape with her boyfriend, Jason Wahler.

After ten years, the drama still lingers.

It's hovering in the air, and Heidi can't shake it off.

Although Spencer Pratt has taken the blame for the rumor, Heidi feels the moment created a "misconception" in how people perceived her.

When talking to E! News, Heidi said, "she was a scapegoat," while adding, "I thought that our friendship was way stronger than [Lauren] blaming a rumor on me."

She went on to say "I think the largest misconception that was created from that moment on was I did something to Lauren, and I didn't; I was nothing but a great friend to her. It's unfortunate that our relationship ended up being a whole new chapter about how I was perceived and what was going on."

And what does Spencer have to say about it? Well, the reality star apparently thinks it made for fantastic TV.

He explained, "My brain feels different than most people, I would imagine I was thinking, 'Oh! What a great scene. That's perfect for TV.' That's the problem when you think like a producer while being on-camera. You get excited about action, even if it's supposedly not real." Meanwhile, Heidi and Spencer have their own thing going on at the moment. They're expecting their first baby, and it's a boy.


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