Heidi Klum Reveals That She And Her Husband Have Been Tested For Coronavirus

Heidi Klum Reveals That She And Her Husband Have Been Tested For Coronavirus
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Heidi Klum is waiting for her COVID-19 test results. On Instagram on Saturday, Heidi Klum revealed that she and her man, Tom Kaulitz, got themselves tested for the new virus that's sweeping the world and shutting down businesses everywhere.

Approximately one day before, Klum said to her fans online that she wasn't able to get tested, even though she went to not one but two different medical doctors. The star explained that she and Tom have been feeling sick for the last week, however, they weren't able to get the proper testing.

According to the model, she and Tom are now staying apart from each other until they get the tests back. The model added that they didn't want to take a risk of spreading the virus to each other or anyone else, so they chose to take some time off from each other.

Klum added that "social distancing" is what everyone in the world needs to do right now to thwart the spread of the illness. On Tuesday, Heidi went home sick after reporting that she didn't feel well on the set of America's Got Talent.

Entertainment Tonight reported on Wednesday that Eric Stonestreet was going to take her place. Thus far, many networks have taken precautionary measures against the spread of the COVID-19 virus, including stopping the production of some of the biggest shows on the air.

For instance, on Thursday, Fremantle, the entertainment organization, revealed that America's Got Talent would no longer be taped in front of a live audience due to fear of contamination. Some of the other shows to go down in the face of the viral epidemic includes Family Feud and The Price Is Right.

Additionally, they had to cancel the Card Sharks. Celebrities and public figures have been talking about the coronavirus incessantly in the last few weeks, especially as cases continue to climb around the world.

Earlier today, the coronavirus task force, assembled at the direction of the president, Donald Trump, revealed that in addition to the ban on European travel to and from the United States, tourism from the United Kingdom would also be banned on Monday night.

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