Heidi Klum Proves She's Just Like Everyone Else As She Runs Out Of Toilet Paper — Is Under Coronavirus Self Quarantine

Heidi Klum Proves She's Just Like Everyone Else As She Runs Out Of Toilet Paper — Is Under Coronavirus Self Quarantine
Credit: Source: Heidi Klum/Instagram

Heidi Klum proves she's just like everyone else as she ran out of toilet paper and shared the moment in a hilarious, Instagram video. The supermodel and her husband Tom Kaulitz, are currently under self-quarantine after both traveled then became sick upon returning home. Heidi was scheduled to start filming the new auditions for America's Got Talent , where she returns as a judge but missed filming due to being sick. First sharing the news on Instagram with her 7.2 million followers, Heidi stated she had a fever and had sought a Coronavirus test. She and Tom were eventually tested, but she hasn't updated the public on her results. She did share a video where she and Tom kissed through a pane of glass as both are isolating themselves from others to prevent spreading the sickness.

As fear surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, more people are shopping online, clearing out store shelves, and hoarding supplies. There's been a shortage of toilet paper nationwide and sites like Amazon that promise to deliver items within two-days for Prime members are delayed, backed up, and don't know when they will have new stock.

As soon as a local superstore (such as Sam's Club or Costco) puts toilet paper on the shelves, they fly off and some are even fighting in the aisles over the last roll of Charmin.

In desperation, panicked people nationwide are turning to alternative sources such as paper towels and baby wipes, while those in countries that utilize the bidet toilet system aren't experiencing a toilet paper panic.

You may see the video that Heidi Klum shared on Instagram as she ran out of toilet paper below.

Some people believe that the fear causing people to stockpile and hoard items is causing more panic than the Coronavirus itself. When people go to the store and find essential items are gone, then they begin to suffer anxiety that leads to panic.

President Donald Trump and his team have tried to ask people not to hoard items but to no avail. Now, nationwide panic is in place as basic necessities are fleeing from shelves.

What do you think about Heidi Klum's toilet paper panic? Can you relate?


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