Heidi Klum Drops Her Clothes To Sunbathe In Her Yard

Heidi Klum Drops Her Clothes To Sunbathe In Her Yard
Credit: Source: Heidi Klum/Instagram

Heidi Klum may still be under California's social distancing guidelines, but that doesn't mean she can't get her tan on! While she won't be able to frolic at the beach with a large crowd, she's taking advantage of the California sunshine in her own backyard. Heidi recently shared photos of herself with her husband Tom Kaulitz where she took off her top and posed for the camera. Now, Heidi Klum has dropped her clothes and shared photos of herself with her 7.4 million Instagram followers and her fans are greatly appreciative of the candid pictures.

Heidi chose to pose for a series of black and white photos where the 46-year-old mother of four wore nothing but a sparkling necklace and a brilliant smile. She shared three photos in the album and flaunted her flawless figure while maintaining her modesty in the series of poses.

Born in Germany, Heidi has an open attitude about nudity and it's clear as she has shared multiple photos of herself with little to nothing on.

Heidi, Tom Kaulitz, and her children have been self-isolating in California and at one point, the two separated themselves from one another after fearing they had caught the deadly virus.

Heidi had begun taping for America's Got Talent when she revealed on social media that she'd come down with a terrible cold. She revealed symptoms that sounded as if they could have been from Coronavirus and her fans were worried about her.

After several weeks in isolation and suffering from chills and fever, Heidi and her husband revealed they had been tested and didn't have Covid-19.

Heidi didn't share a caption except for adding a black heart emoji. You may see the photos that Heidi Klum shared on Instagram below.

Heidi has been the subject of many rumors that suggest she is pregnant with her husband's Tom's baby. To date, there is nothing that would indicate any of the reports are true.

What do you think about Heidi's latest Instagram post? Are you surprised that she would post naked selfies?

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