Heather Morris Has Fans In Tears After This Video Tribute To Naya Rivera

Heather Morris Has Fans In Tears After This Video Tribute To Naya Rivera
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Via social media, Heather Morris has decided to talk about her grieving process after losing her good friend and former co-star, Naya Rivera .

The Glee star shared a beautiful video where she danced around as Naya's song “Radio Silence” played on the background.

Via the caption, she revealed that she is coping through dance and is also celebrating the big news that she reached one million followers.

Morris wrote: “I want to share something very personal with you all…” Heather captioned the post. “Grieving looks very differently on everyone…but one thing for certain: I’ve felt it’s hard to feel joy or keep busy when mourning without thinking that you’re not honoring that person or you’re forgetting about them. But [my husband, Taylor Hubbell] reminded me that honoring someone can mean you’re enjoying your life FOR them…”

She went on to say: “I made it to 1M followers in these last few weeks, and at first, I was resentful because I gained them from a tragedy, but after giving it a breath. I realized you all have just surrounded me with love and support. That I just see you angels wrapping your wings around me 🙏🏻 , So I’m celebrating 1Million today in a tribute to @nayarivera with her music and her voice that will forever be my favorite.”

One fan replied: "I’m in literal tears, I love this so much bro I can't even. So thankful that you are willing to share something so personal and beautiful with the world. Take it one day at a time, and she is still here with you, no matter if it is in her voice in this song or a memory. one day at a time.🤍🕊"

Another commenter claimed: "You are an amazing friend and a wonderful person. I love you, and I love your soul."

This backer revealed: "We are all wrapping you in so much love and here for you. Beyond devastated for your loss but please continue to honor her legacy and shine a light on how amazing she was. 💕"

A follower stated: "Thank you for sharing your talent ❤️ I’ve been a fan of yours and of everyone else’s always, but I didn’t follow because I didn’t want people to know I’m into glee. "

This fan explained: "Your art is so so beautiful. I’m so happy you're finding ways to grieve that work for you, Naya would be so proud and so happy for you. all my love.💓"

Rivera left behind a young son.

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