Heather Locklear's Pal Jillian Barberie Confirms She's Back In Rehab

Heather Locklear's Pal Jillian Barberie Confirms She's Back In Rehab
Credit: Source: etonline.com

TV host Jillian Barberie confirmed that her friend, actress Heather Locklear has indeed checked into rehab again. This is what the woman shared with ET during an over-the-phone interview earlier today.

Apparently, Locklear went back to a treatment facility just yesterday, only days after she had pleaded no contest to no less than 8 misdemeanor battery offenses against officers of the law and resisting arrest!

She was declared guilty and the judge ordered the star to enroll in a residential treatment program.

Barberie, who met her close friend while filming Melrose Place back in in 1998, told the news outlet that ‘I spoke to her today. She is doing great. Every day, she is in great spirits. She is funny, she just has the best sense of humor ever. On Monday, she went to the new facility. And for her, she is like, 'Checking into the Four Seasons,' as a joke, and she sent us a picture of the place. She knows what she has got to do, and she is doing it.’

‘She's healthy and happy, and sober, and is in a really good place right now. It is time for her to concentrate on herself. I think that is exactly what she is doing,’ the TV host went on to say.

She also mentioned that even when she is going through such ‘troubled times,’ Locklear is still very positive, puts her recovery first and most importantly, never loses her sense of humor.

Barbery gushed over Lockear, saying that ‘She's always been an amazing person. She is thankful for having another opportunity. I think that is the No. 1 thing. Every day you wake up and you just maybe want another chance.’


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