Heather Locklear Will Remain Institutionalized Until Further Notice - It's "Serious"

Heather Locklear Will Remain Institutionalized Until Further Notice - It's "Serious"
Source: PageSix.com

Following Heather Locklear's institutionalization after her altercation with the police, the star is still in the hospital and a source explained that her condition is "serious." Last week, it was revealed by several outlets that she was being held in 5150 psychiatric care.

A source said to Us Weekly, "Heather will remain hospitalized for the time being," adding that her condition is quite severe and her family and friends are currently caring about her, wondering what steps to take next.

On the 18th of November, several publications confirmed that Heather was being held involuntarily for seventy-two hours. The Daily Mail claims she assaulted her boyfriend, Chris Heisser, but TMZ said there was no crime, and her captivity is merely authorities being cautious.

That very same afternoon, her therapist realized she was in the middle of a mental breakdown, and thus, someone called 911 reports TMZ. This all comes after Heather had problems with the authorities.

Insiders said to Us Weekly that her family "feels helpless" and they're unsure as to how to go about saving her life. However, this is the last resort to keep her safe.

This past weekend, her ex-husband. Richie Sambora spent Thanksgiving with their 21-year-old daughter, Ava Sambora. An insider said the couple enjoyed a nice dinner together, tended to by a chef.

In February, Heather was arrested for assaulting a police officer as well as an EMT. Later on, the EMT filed a lawsuit against her, stating that Heather caused significant harm.

In June, Heather supposedly hit a sheriff's deputy and kicked an EMT. Moreover, she had been hospitalized two other times and was in treatment for an alleged overdose in the same month.

Her daughter with Richie, Ava, is currently struggling with her mother's emotional problems. An insider said in July that the entire thing has been very challenging for her to get through. Another star to come out in defense of Locklear is David Spade, who suggested she was merely going through a tough time as we all do sometimes.

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  • Antoinette Johnston
    Antoinette Johnston Nov 27, 2018 9:56 AM PST

    I am keeping her in my prayers. Especially for her daughter. Get well soon. You can do it. Happy Holidays.

  • Pairadice
    Pairadice Nov 26, 2018 8:47 PM PST

    Thats terrible I pray she will get the help she needs n that her fam n friendz will stay strong 4 her n their self PRAYERS goes out 2 all God bless

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