Heather Locklear Sued By The EMT Whom She Attacked During Summer Arrest

Heather Locklear Sued By The EMT Whom She Attacked During Summer Arrest
Source: SunnyTribune.com

It just keeps getting worse for Heather Locklear. Jennifer Hayn-Hilton, the EMT who accused Heather Locklear of assault during her arrest in June, filed a lawsuit against the actress - reports  Us Weekly.

In the published court documents, Hayn-Hilton is seeking compensation for medical expenses for the injuries she incurred during the purported assault when Heather was struggling with mental health issues.

Jennifer wants money for loss of earnings, lawsuit costs, and other damages. According to the suit, Jennifer claims that the 57-year-old actress "struck, kicked, and battered" her and wished her children would die from AIDS.

Her lawyer said in a court of law that this wasn't the first time that Locklear had done such a thing either. However, they're aiming for this to be the last time.

As it was previously reported, the Ventura County Sheriff's Office said in June that someone called 911 twice regarding Locklear's behavior. The star was reported as "extremely intoxicated."

The police then arrested her on two counts of misdemeanor battery on a police officer as well as medical professionals. Following the reports of the assault, the EMT hired a lawyer right away seeking compensatory funds.

An insider explained previously that Heather was so intoxicated that they called in the EMT to ensure she was ok. When the EMT got close to her to check her heart rate and other measurements, Locklear Hayn-Hilton her in the face.

The very next day, the EMT claimed that she could barely move her neck with pain shooting down her arm. Just a few hours after the supposed altercation occurred, Locklear was hospitalized for a suspected overdose.

Afterward, Heather checked into a rehabilitation facility for mental health and substance abuse problems. In August, Us Weekly revealed that she was charged with three misdemeanors.

Even though Heather has had a tough year, some of her friends in Hollywood have her back, notably, comedian and actor, David Spade. During an interview, Spade said that he believes everyone goes through a tough time every once in a while, and he wishes her the best.

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