Heather Locklear Placed On Psychiatric Hold Again! Her Therapist And Lawyer Reported She Was Having A 'Mental Breakdown'

Heather Locklear Placed On Psychiatric Hold Again! Her Therapist And Lawyer Reported She Was Having A 'Mental Breakdown'
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Apparently, her therapist determined the star was having a ‘mental breakdown!’ According to brand new reports, actress Heather Locklear is on psychiatric hold once again. As you may know, this would be the star’s second time in just a few months!

TMZ was the first to report that Heather is not doing any better and that she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

Reportedly, yesterday, the woman was at home when her therapist and her lawyer determined she really needed some help.

As a result, they called 911 in order to get an EMT!

The actress was taken to the hospital, but at this time, there are still no details regarding her condition.

TMZ claims to have heard from different reports that she assaulted her boyfriend once again.

However, the outlet also mentioned knowing from sources that the man hasn’t been at home for days.

They also noted that the call was actually just a precaution and that no alcohol or drugs were involved.

Locklear was placed on a psychiatric hold at the beginning of the summer as well.

At the time, multiple reports claimed it was her mom who called 911 after Heather threatened to commit suicide.

When the authorities showed up at her home, Heater supposedly attacked a policeman as well as some emergency care personnel that intervened, trying to calm the actress down.

She was taken into custody, but she bailed herself out.

Six hours later, Locklear apparently overdosed and was taken to the hospital.

One week after, she was back in the hospital after allegedly choking her mom and threatening to shoot herself.

And that’s not even all! Heather checked herself into a 5-day rehab place, but after only two days she left and on her way home, she bought a tequila bottle and tried to drive off.

That same night, the police were once again called to Heather’s house, and when they tried to arrest her on the basis of a reported disturbance, the actress punched the cop and kicked the EMT attempting to strap her down to a gurney.

As a result, the assaulted paramedic reportedly filed a lawsuit against Locklear.

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  • Synoptic 12
    Synoptic 12 Nov 19, 2018 4:17 PM PST

    Heather needs not anymore help from worldly people seeking a pound of her flesh, rather love by the power of the Holy Spirit can heal.

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