Heather Locklear Avoids Jail Time In Police Battery Case – Actress Will Seek Treatment Again

Heather Locklear Avoids Jail Time In Police Battery Case – Actress Will Seek Treatment Again
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Heather Locklear will avoid jail time in the police battery case against her. The actress will instead head to a treatment facility that focuses on mental health and substance abuse issues.

TMZ has revealed Locklear pleaded no contest to eight misdemeanors, including six involving battery on a police officer or emergency first responder. Two incidents occurred last year.

The first battery incident took place in February 2018. Locklear was allegedly under the influence of alcohol at the time when she attacked her boyfriend, as well as a police officer on the scene.

She made headlines again in June 2018, after police were called to her residence following a disturbance call. The Melrose Place alum was reportedly severely intoxicated when authorities arrived on the scene that time too. Locklear allegedly attacked both a police officer and an EMT during the call.

On Friday, a Los Angeles judge decided Locklear did not need a stint in jail to resolve her substance abuse and mental health struggles. Locklear is required to complete 30 days in a treatment facility that focuses on both issues. If the actress does not follow through with the court-mandated treatment, she will be sent to jail for four months.

Sources close the T.J. Hooker star revealed to TMZ Locklear genuinely wants to take responsibility for her actions. The blonde beauty is fully aware she needs help and is determined to get it this time. It is imperative to Locklear to avoid such dire situations in the future, especially for the sake of her daughter Ava Sambora.

Locklear's family has been concerned about her substance abuse and mental state for the past couple of years. Sadly, being placed on an involuntary psych hold and attending rehab multiple times, has not worked to help the actress turn her life around.

There is no question Heather Locklear has had a turbulent few years. Hopefully, the actress is serious about getting the help she needs when it comes to her mental health and substance abuse demons. If not the 57-year-old will be spending some time in jail.

Also, she is on 3-year unsupervised probation, which means Locklear better keep herself out of trouble. The blonde bombshell has not spoken out regarding the difficult time she has been having the past few years, including being sent to a treatment facility yet again.

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