Heather Locklear And Her Longtime Boyfriend Chris Heisser Are Reportedly Over!

Heather Locklear And Her Longtime Boyfriend Chris Heisser Are Reportedly Over!
Credit: Source: radaronline.com

Heather Locklear and her longtime boyfriend Chris Heisser have seemingly broken up! According to a number of different outlets, out of which Radar Online was the first, the actress finally put an end to their stormy relationship.

As fans may know, the two were actually together back in high school and in 2016, they ended up reconnecting and moving in together.

In September of 2017, they made their romance public.

Locklear took to social media at the time to post a picture featuring the two of them and captioned it: ‘My favorite person on Earth. 40 years later.’

Also that same year, on his birthday, the actress called her now ex, her ‘first and final love.’

While she would share a lot of cute pics of the pair on her social media platforms, their relationship was very far from perfect.

In February, Locklear was arrested after the police were called to the home they shared.

Ventura County Sheriff's Office reported that she had ‘battered her boyfriend.’

The woman, on the other hand, argued that she’s been attacked by him before the authorities showed up but they stated that they ‘did not see any evidence of that.’

Heisser also denied he’d hurt her as Heather was taken to the hospital in order to be evaluated.

She was then taken into police custody and released after paying her $20,000 bail.

Back in March, Locklear ended up checking into a treatment center to deal with her alcohol addiction problems and other mental health issues.

Months later, she got hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation and then arrested once again for attacking an officer and ambulance personnel.

In August, she checked into rehab for the second time that year.

She posted an inspirational message about her addiction, and the recovery process and fans were glad to hear that she was doing much better.

Unfortunately, in November, she was once again put on psychiatric hold.

One source shared with E! News at the time that ‘While in rehab, she made promises she'd never let this happen to her again, but eventually, she slipped, and this is the worst relapse than any of her others.’


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