Heather Dubrow Is Always Welcome To Return To RHOC, Says Production Insider

Heather Dubrow Is Always Welcome To Return To RHOC, Says Production Insider
Source: bravotv.com

Heather Dubrow has managed to get a role on a scripted TV show but according to new reports, despite her choice to leave The Real Housewives of Orange Country, the producers have told her that she is always welcome to return to reality TV if she so wants!

The 48 years old has recently made her sitcom debut on Young and Hungry, but according to a source close to the production, Bravo offered her a contract that would have allowed her to do both without any problems.

“Bravo offered Heather a friend role for this upcoming season of RHOC and she declined,” claimed the insider.

While her co-stars are under contracts that forbid them from doing other projects while on Real Housewives, Dubrow’s situation was different.

According to the source, the contractual difference existed because the reality TV star was involved in other projects from the very beginning when she joined the show.

As fans may already know, the woman decided to shock the audience of the show by announcing her exit this past January. The reason for her quitting had to do with the fact that not only was she forced to take sides between feuding co-stars Vicki Gunvalson, and Tamra Judge all past season but the drama was also affecting her marriage.

Now, “Heather seem to see herself as being above all that drama, like she is bigger than RHOC,” the source explained.

Furthermore, in the past, she has bragged about not really needing the reality TV show to survive. In fact, she only joined because she thought it would have helped her with her acting career. Now, it looks like she is closer than ever to achieving her goal and this is why she didn’t care to stay on the show even though she was allowed to both act and appear on Real Housewives.

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